Dwarves and civilians

Here are some new miniatures. First we have some civilians for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Most of them seem to be miners or some such. They're made from a mix of dark age, WWII and Perry Sudan plastics.

Then we have some dwarves. Two very old Mithril dwarven prisoners, some converted crew for a ballista, a wizard and a crossbowman, both converted. 

 And at last we have the Discworld Librarian. Bought it this summer when we visited Battlefield Berlin.

New terrain

I've been keen to try out Rangers of Shadow Deep, and there's been a few pieces of scatter terrain I miss. 

Here is three rocky outcroppings and a fir tree. The rocks are made from XPS (pink builder's foam), spackle and normal basing materials. 
 The fir is a test piece. The good thing is that it's made from scraps, cut up foam from pick'n'pluck cases and a chopstick. It's been sprayed, painted and then covered with some old green sawdust (what people used before they invented static grass). 
The not so good thing is that you still clearly see how I cut it, so any future ones I'll have to be more careful how I shape it. Here's a WIP. 😁

 I also made a tent. This too is made from XPS, a chopstick and part of an old t-shirt.


Rohan house

When I saw the new Rohan house from Games Workshop I thought it looked great, and last Friday, after a tough work week, I bought it from my local shop.

As with most GW kits it's very cleverly done, with just two sprues, and duplication of details (like a door on one side of the wall, and windows on the other). You can build it in quite a few variants, but you don't end up with many unused parts, I only have a few small bits and parts of a porch left over.

I more or less followed the suggested paint scheme (though I don't have any of the recommended GW paints, but used my normal Vallejo ones), and I'm really happy with the greyish brown overall look. I've kept the roof removeable, but the insides aren't painted to the same standard as the outside, in part because the layout doesn't work, due to those double-sided bits.


More Latvians

Here is another batch of troops for my Latvian Waffen SS project.

This is a "specialists" blister from Warlord games (sniper, flame thrower and panzerschrek), as well as some conversions and odds-and-ends. Most have various camo patterns, but where they had feldgrau jackets I painted a small Latvian shield on the left arm.


Path of the Serpent

I've finished painting the monsters for the latest expansion for Mansions of Madness, Path of the Serpent. These are, as you can imagine, quite snakey...

And, as a sneak peak for what is to come, here are some spiders for Rangers of Shadow Deep...



Going down to the river

 One of the perks of working at an architect firm is that sometimes they throw out stuff that's really good for wargaming. Last week the interior architects had a big purge, and I saved a whole heap of useful stuff, including floor mats (which we'll probably see later at some point). One of the things I saved was a big set of fake leather, about 50 different colours. Enough of them were blue that I thought, "hey, this could be turned into a river!". So these are fake leather pieces glued to flooring samples (also saved from work). I think the finished pieces work. Next I'll make a ford, a bridge and some other bits.

Added sand to the edges.

First layer of paint.
Finished except for grass and tufts.


A heap of coal

Here's a quick piece of scatter terrain, a heap of coal. Should fit on quite a few industrial and later tables. It looks darker in real life, the photo is a bit over exposed.

And a WIP shot:

Dwarves and civilians

Here are some new miniatures. First we have some civilians for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Most of them seem to be miners or some su...