More Rangers of Shadow Deep

 I'm still painting up figures for upcoming Rangers of Shadow Deep adventures, and I've started to play the Temple of Madness mission. First we have some mummies from the Conan boardgame. These should fit well as Sandhusks in Across the Wastes. I painted up ten of them, but have ten more if I ever see the need for an army of mummies.

Next we have some guardsmen, also from Conan. One of them has already joined my ranger, and the rest will be NPCs.

I needed one more gnoll archer, and since I use skaven for my gnolls I converted up a skaven slave with a sling. The hand is from GB's Dark Age Warriors set. It should fit in with the rest of my slingers, most of whom are old skaven metals.

I also made some doors and tents for different scenarios. The doors are metal from a Prince August mould, and set in their plaster wall moulds. 

The tents are made from old business cards folded in thirds, with triangular cardboard insets and then covered in old handkerchief cloth.

Here is a wall of fire for the Temple of Madness. It's just made from coloured card, costing 18 SEK, so what's that, £1.50?

We end with a bunch of gaming pictures, from Incinerator and Temple of Madness. I hope to play the final ToM scenario very soon.


New rangers and skeletal ogres

 This is another update for Rangers of Shadow Deep. First we have the good guys:

From left to right we have a new set of clothes for Yost the Archer, a new knight who is about to be recruited (he's a bit on the short side), Pabrim the desert guide, and Gorbin. The ranger archer and the ogre is from Ral Partha Europe, the dwarf is an ancient GW model, and Pabrim is mainly from Gripping Beast plastics.

I like how the eyes and mouth turned out:

And then we have the bad guys:

The Mouth of Sauron will probably be used as a spectral horseman, the nazgul on foot is made from a GB arab with Frostgrave knight arms and a hood made from arab cowl turned upside down. The two undead ogres are from Ral Partha Europe.

And finally I finished the painting of the sandblades I converted last time.


Skeletons and columns

 A short update here, mainly for Rangers of Shadow Deep. First we have the evil wizard/liche/whatever Trekatis and ten skeletons. The skeletons are all homecast in Prince August moulds (except one head from Mantic).

Next we have half of 12 columns I made out of balsa. The other half look just the same.


And here's what I'll work on next, some Sandblades (desert ghosts). They are converted from Prince August ghouls, which has to be my favourite mould from them, I've used them for zombies, Nurgle cultists, other cultists... I will paint them sandy, but with another paint scheme I'm sure they'd work as any kind of ghost or suchlike.


The slaverbots are coming!

 Yet another post mainly dealing with Stargrave. This time I have continued to prepare for upcoming scenarios in the Hope Eternal campaign.

First up we have some slaverbots. The "naked" ones are assassin bots from Star Wars Imperial Assault, the Hoth box which I bought when it was on sale recently.

 The robed ones are conversions with the heads from Rangers of Shadow Deep cultists, the bodies from Gripping Beast arabs, and stargrave arms. I thought that the heads reminded of each other, hopefully it works.
 Here is my new Sentry for my crew. He has a lizardman skink head I had in my bits box and is armed with a shotgun. He has a tendency to wade in to the fray and get killed, we'll see how he works out in the long run.

Here are my rad roaches, small radioactive insects in one of the scenarios. They are made from small plastic toy spiders, and have been given a very basic paint job, just black with green detailing.

We'll end with some pictures from the campaign, I've played the first three scenarios, and actually done pretty well in them.

Scenario 1 set up

Ready to hack the security lock

Scenario 2. Train cars made of paper, and combat drones using Silent Death ships.

Scenario 3, before I realised I had to move the prisoner halfway across the board thanks to rolling max on the pregame D10 move.


Spaceship walls and ne'erdowells

 A while ago I bought half the terrain sprues from the Into the Dark GW box. I didn't know anything about it, and only later realised that I only bought half of them, but oh well, they'll do me fine for Stargrave. They are very detailed, and crammed full of stuff, half of which seems to be out of order. I gave them a quite easy paint scheme, by using the same colour as the primer grey.


I'll try to do something different here, and show the walls while showing some of my new miniatures at the same time. So, here first we have some space beastmen from one of the new GW boxes. We'll see if they end up as baddies or if they join my alien Stargrave crew.

Here's a gang of very kinky ruffians, made from old chaos marauders with FG cultist heads and weapon swaps. Yes, the old marauders could become even kinkier. 😁

Here is an ancient metal model, from a bloodbowl mutant blister. I'll use him as a mutant, of course. I gave him blue hair to accentuate the old-school-ness of it all.

These two use old Bolt Action German bodies and cultist heads. These are ruffians as well, and the grenadier works well when playing Stargrave Dead or Alive.

A nazgul I converted from a GB arab spearman, with a Mantic hood/head, and Frostgrave arms.

My take on a Wall of Force. Rough, but I think it'll work.

Here's a tentacle monster from the Conan boardgame. I've used it as a Darkroot in Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I'll use the head and tentacles in Stargrave for the mega crustacean and agivorous snakes.

More Rangers of Shadow Deep

 I'm still painting up figures for upcoming Rangers of Shadow Deep adventures, and I've started to play the Temple of Madness missio...