Chinese T-26 and more terrain crate

 I finally finished my T-26 for my nationalist Chinese army. It's a Rubicon model.

I've also finished more of my terrain crate scatter pieces from Mantic. Most of these bits are quite modern, so will fit WWII gaming better than fantasy or older historicals. 


This is the second copy of the broken statue I paint, this one I made sand stone, since the other one is bronze on a granite plinth.


The barrels especially should be quite useful, both as scatter terrain and as objectives.

And you can't go wrong with sandbags, right?


Undead, undead

 Here's a couple of new undead. They're primarily for Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, but I'm sure they'll get other uses eventually. Undead are so practical, after all.

First we have some skeletons. These have been painted for quite a while, but I've finally decided to base them individually. Square bases are Mantic plastics, round bases are metal models I've cast myself in Prince August moulds. There's also an animated skull for Frostgrave on the far right, and on the far left we have an old Mithril model. IIRC he's a robber from Tharbad or something, should work fine as a thug in Frostgrave.

Here we have zombies I've cast in the Prince August zombie mould. I converted the weapon arms on the ones with sword and axe (resculpted the arm from the hand to the elbow), the others are as they come. There's also a couple of old GW grave stones, could be of use sometime?


Frostgrave warband, and terrain crate

 Here's my first warband for Frostgrave. The Yellwo Hood Cultists are lead by a Demonologist who want to bring nasty gribblies into this world. All in the power of good, of course. 😉

Here first we have three thugs, one thief, and the main sorcerer himself.


Next we have the apprentice, man-at-arms, archer, infantryman (or possibly later templar), man-at-arms and a crossbowman.

These are made with the Frostgrave cultist sprue and some very old Cultists of the Red Redemption Warhammer models. Every member of the warband has a covered face, though some cover it with cloth and others with bronze masks.

I've also finished some pieces from my Terraincrate kickstarter. Oh,and an old Merlin (?) model from Gripping Beast, to join a rival warband as a wizard.

Not the best models, but not the worst either, these should provide good scatter for everything from Felstad to WWII. Especially the chunkier pieces should survive quite a lot of gaming.


Terrain and various fantasy models

Here are a couple of Tabletop Workshop plastic houses, as well as some other terrain, and some models for Rangers of Shadow Deep and Warlords of Erewhon.

These houses were painted similarly to how I painted the Rohan house recently, and I hope to be able to use them from anything from fantasy to medieval up to modern times.

Here are half a packet of wattle fence from Renedra, a well from Black Tree Design and the old Heroquest tomb, tarted up with mdf sides instead of cardboard.

And here finally we have a wide selection of models, some from the Conan boardgame, the animals are from Black Tree Design and some oldies from old blisters.

The short wizard in front (without the green flame) I bought in the early 90s, and just finally painted up. The thuggee is from Ral Partha IIRC, and he's only spent some fifteen years between purchase and paint.
The frogs are for Warlords of Erewhon, since I have a tendency to roll a one...


Dwarves and civilians

Here are some new miniatures. First we have some civilians for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Most of them seem to be miners or some such. They're made from a mix of dark age, WWII and Perry Sudan plastics.

Then we have some dwarves. Two very old Mithril dwarven prisoners, some converted crew for a ballista, a wizard and a crossbowman, both converted. 

 And at last we have the Discworld Librarian. Bought it this summer when we visited Battlefield Berlin.

New terrain

I've been keen to try out Rangers of Shadow Deep, and there's been a few pieces of scatter terrain I miss. 

Here is three rocky outcroppings and a fir tree. The rocks are made from XPS (pink builder's foam), spackle and normal basing materials. 
 The fir is a test piece. The good thing is that it's made from scraps, cut up foam from pick'n'pluck cases and a chopstick. It's been sprayed, painted and then covered with some old green sawdust (what people used before they invented static grass). 
The not so good thing is that you still clearly see how I cut it, so any future ones I'll have to be more careful how I shape it. Here's a WIP. 😁

 I also made a tent. This too is made from XPS, a chopstick and part of an old t-shirt.


Rohan house

When I saw the new Rohan house from Games Workshop I thought it looked great, and last Friday, after a tough work week, I bought it from my local shop.

As with most GW kits it's very cleverly done, with just two sprues, and duplication of details (like a door on one side of the wall, and windows on the other). You can build it in quite a few variants, but you don't end up with many unused parts, I only have a few small bits and parts of a porch left over.

I more or less followed the suggested paint scheme (though I don't have any of the recommended GW paints, but used my normal Vallejo ones), and I'm really happy with the greyish brown overall look. I've kept the roof removeable, but the insides aren't painted to the same standard as the outside, in part because the layout doesn't work, due to those double-sided bits.

Chinese T-26 and more terrain crate

 I finally finished my T-26 for my nationalist Chinese army. It's a Rubicon model. I've also finished more of my terrain crate scatt...