Ghouls to go

 As I'm preparing for the Burning Light mission in Rangers of Shadow Deep, I've had to make a whole host of ghouls. They are based on a ghoul box from Mantic, but with bits from here and there, such as Frostgrave Cultists, late Romans, Ansar warriors, ungors, Stargrave mercs and WGF orcs. See if you can spot them, why don't you?

First we have the standard ghouls: 

 Then we have the so called Ghoul Fiends, the leaders.

Then we have the Ghoul Flingers, who I have given slightly more dangerous javelins, instead of the bones they are supposed to have.

These are the Ghoul Rotters, diseased ghouls. I've given these skeleton arms and heads, and painted purple around the black spikes.

Here is a mix of mostly NPCs. The first archer is someone I built for Mordheim some ten years ago, but never got around to finish the paintjob. We'll see if he'll get used in a game one of these years. The second archer is a cultist. The third lady is a mage I also started ten years ago, for a RPG player character, but only finished just now. The last two are my versions of Nicolan and Seb for Blood Moon.

Here we have two extra characters for my Stargrave scavengers gang, and four gun-toting zombies for whenever I get around to play Stargrave with zombies.

And finally here we have some terrain I hadn't posted before, a Heroquest sarcophagus and three weapon stands, two of them from Heroquest and one scratchbuilt.


Rangers, robots, cupboards and animals. Everything but the kitchen sink.

Here is a couple of batches of finished miniatures and scatter terrain. They'll see use in a number of games, including Stargrave, Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep and Bolt Action.

This is a couple of big warbots, a smaller robot (which I suspect will be a mark in Dead or Alive) and a drone, made from a Silent Death starship and a bolt pistol.


Here is a sorcerer, two rangers and a cultist from the Yellow Hood cult. These should find a use in both Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave.

Two cupboards, a drawer and a desk. These are from Mantic's Terrain crate, and should find a use in several types of game.

And to round it up we have a whole host of animals (and carnivorous plants). These should fill a range of random encounters. They are from Reaper, the Conan board game and old toys.

And even more random encounters, a troll woman (or something?) and a twig man (dryad?) from the Conan game.

And here is a picture from the RoSD scenario The Last Stand. It was brutal, all companions were taken out, but only Yost the archer got any lasting damage.


Stargrave crew and terrain

 More finished models and terrain for Stargrave!

Here we have another crew, so I have two for playing. This is a gang of desert scavengers, lead by a veteran in combat armour, and with a tekker first mate. The bodies are a mix of Stargrave mercenaries and Frostgrave cultists. For the heads and some of the equipment I went for WWII desert and winter heads, more specifically ones with covered faces. Protection from the desert and all that. I also gave them quite a few water bottles. Just as with my other crew, they come from a part of the galaxy where "military grey green" doesn't exist, here they have "military dark orange".

From left to right we have a Recruit, Runner, Codebreaker, Recruit and Casecracker.

Here we have a Gunner, Grenadier, Veteran Captain, Tekker First Mate and Trooper.

To finish off the miniatures we have three repairbots here from Reaper.

Here we have a house made from the packing of a computer part, or whatever it was, I've saved it for a long time. It's been embellished with left over sprues from mdf terrain. The "doors and windows" are just gloss black paper behind the mdf.



Stargrave terrain from trash

 Here is a couple of houses, or at least line of sight blockers, for Stargrave (or any other future game). The round one is made from a guacamole lid glued to the bottom of a cheese container. The square one came with a phone inside, and to the outside I've glued bits of leftover mdf sprues from various mdf houses.

The painting is nothing to write home about, just grey spray and drybrushing. 


Stargrave gang, market stalls, ruins and more!

 This is a picture heavy post, with some new stuff and some that's been sitting unphotographed for a while.


First we have a gang for Stargrave composed entirely of aliens. It's lead by a Rogue captain with a Psionicist first mate (the first two from the left). Beside them we have a codebreaker and a hacker (both salmon pink with bionic eyes), a chiseler and a casecracker (and both of these are some kind of wolf-dog-bears).

The last four members of the crew is a burner (converted with a flamethrower made with some guitar wire), a gunner with something that looks suspiciously like a MG42, and two recruits with pistols. Three of the figures have bodies from Warlord's Winter Germans, the rest are mainly from the official Stargrave plastics. 

These market stalls are from Mantic's terrain crate kickstarter, I've tried to make them as different as possible, so from left to right we have one stall which has a mix of everything, then one with fruit, one with veg and one with spices.

These are from terrain crate as well, ruined walls, some tires and a wrecked motorcycle. 

Here's a giant worm from Mansions of Madness, five hyenas from the Conan game, and two ancient ghouls (from Grenadier IIRC). These should be good for both Stargrave and Frostgrave.

And finally we have some loot tokens or similar.


Greenhouse in space

 People like their herbs and berries, right? Even if they happen to live on a backwater dustbowl of a planet plagued by pirates and cultists.


So, I made a greenhouse. The main item used is a plastic basket which I bought physalis berries in IIRC. The glass is made from plastic lids from take away food, the earth is a mix of spackle, wood glue and brown paint, with parts covered in fine sand and then painted.

The greenery is dark green static grass and light green sawdust. The latter has some red dots added as berries or flowers.


Cultists in space!

 I recently got in on the Stargrave Nickstarter, and got the idea to paint up some space cultists. These came with the starter set for 40K for 7th(?) edition, so almost ten years ago, and had been languishing in the cellar since. As of yet I don't know if they'll be the pirate opposition, or form a gang of their own, but I suspect the former. Depends on who I play I guess.

The idea behind them is a former military unit going corrupt, so most of them have at least some clothes in "space camouflage".

Ghouls to go

 As I'm preparing for the Burning Light mission in Rangers of Shadow Deep, I've had to make a whole host of ghouls. They are based o...